Dreams traverse unknown terrains.. beyond fear, beyond chaos, beyond rejection. It makes you do things that you could only imagine and presents you with an unfaltering courage. Such are my dreams.. those that have taken me from the unknown to a path that is now lit with possibilities. Dreams, that have come true in the form of my new venture Divus (www.divuscreations.com)

Divus is a result of relentless handwork for the past year and a half, while still writing posts on Makeupxpressions and recovering from leaving my high profile job. It was conceived, somewhere in between as an answer to the fire roaring inside. The fire that kept saying “I want to do something of my own, my own business”

Bag charms from divus

The journey so far has not been easy.. the most difficult challenge was to pin down what I actually wanted to do with my life.. I would feel as though something was missing, but the answer was unknown. It all began there.. with an idea as tiny as a newly conceived baby, but a vision large enough to drive me everyday. One step at a time (as I would say in a lot of my posts!) has brought me to this day.. and I am immensely thankful for this journey and the support I have received for it. No words will ever be enough to describe how grateful I am to be doing what I am about to share with you.

Earrings by divus

My online shop at www.divuscreations.com is my vision of how beautiful the world can look with a little bit of sparkle! It is a store that houses fashion accessories that are made with Swarovski® crystals and a lot of passion. Starting with bag charms and now gradually expanding to earrings, pendants and other accessories, my idea is to take the sparkle to anyone who wants it. Priced very reasonably from ₹900 to 3500, the range is for fashion lovers who want to add a bit of personality, bling and sparkle to their lives. Plus they make excellent gifts too!

earrings and bag charms from Divus India

As with Makeupxpressions, I seek your blessings in this new chapter of my life. Please visit my website www.divuscreations.com to shop and spread the word.

Follow me on Instagram @divuscreations and like my FB page @divuscreations. Your support and blessings is all I ask for right now.

xoxo Makeupxpressions|DIVUS

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