Manipulation, deceit, exploitation, corruption and excitement are the words that first come to mind when I think of the famous American political drama, the ‘House of Cards’. A television series that will intrigue you, leave you breathless with its fast moving, constantly scheming plot, with its characters so vivid yet so relatable. House of Cards is a saga, one that can not be missed specially if you are a fan of high power drama, political theatrics and endless cynicism. Welcome to the dark side!

House of Cards Homecoming of Terror

The long awaited season 5 is finally upon us that reveals the next course of action President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and First Lady Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) take just a few weeks before the upcoming presidential elections. With full intentions to win the second term, Frank leaves no stone unturned to pull the rug from beneath his formidable opponent Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman), while trying to bury a very dirty past that still haunts him in form of investigative threats. Spoiler Alert! But worry not, being Frank Underwood he knows how to dodge every political bullet, now comes up with a schemingly wicked idea: to instil fear to get votes, to project an unsafe America to its people, with a demand that that Congress declare war against the terrorist organisation, ICO.

Frank Underwood House of Cards

In the meantime, Claire Underwood, running for Vice Presidency and looking chic in her expensive dresses, is seen getting popular with the masses. Watching her super confident and poised self this season, one wonders if she will ever betray Frank and rise to the ascendancy herself given her penchant for power as seen in the previous seasons (even though they were just glimpses, they were very powerful indeed!). But in this episode, she is seen working hand in hand with her husband to ‘dial up the terror’ amidst complications involving the NSA, The Washington Herald and the upcoming 2016 elections. As the excitement builds up, one realises that the game of power is one that never rests!

So don’t miss this epic drama and the good news is that Frank Underwood is coming to India with the television premiere of House Of Cards Season 5 on Saturday, 3rd June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee Café! And this season is definitely going to be a wild wild ride to the dark side. Start off with the first episode and you will be hooked, forever!!


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