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My Name is Urvi and I am from Gurgaon, India.

I am an MBA in International Business who happens to have spent most of her time in the corporate jungle. But writing is my passion. It keeps me motivated and happy. I started my blog when at a particular stage in life I was looking for fulfilment and self validation. I simply asked myself, what can bring in some joy, the answer came sooner than I realised. I chose to write. And not just write (cause I have been filling up endless number of diaries over the years) but I wanted to write about something that would at the least create some value for my readers. You may wonder why makeup and fashion? Well, let me tell you, the greatest gift one can give someone is something that is given with love. I am passionate about makeup, beauty and fashion. You will see my fervour in each of the articles; none of them have been written half-heartedly. They are conceived, written, edited and delivered with a lot of love and joy.

That being the primary reason as to why this blog is about beauty and fashion, there are days when I just sit down with a notebook and a pen and ponder over life, you will find such posts written under the category ‘A little perspective’.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog much as I enjoy writing it for you!

To get in touch with me, please write to me at trendtraveller@gmail.com or fill up the contact form here 

This is PR friendly blog, so if you would like me to write an article for you, please do not hesitate. I also work on freelance basis and would love to connect with you.

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That’s my work and me! 

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